Troop 77 Recruiting Flyer 1

Flyer 1:

This flyer is good for passing out to friends and family or random people on the street.

Flyer 2:

Post this flyer on bulletin boards and telephone poles or car windshields.

Boy Scout Troop 77 Recruiting flyer 2


Youth Application:

Application to join the troop. Instructions are on Page 4 and the application is on Page 5. If you print at home, you only need to complete the one on Page 5, we can use a photocopy for the unit records.

Adult Application:

Application for adult leaders. We encourage parents to register as Committee Members and have an active role in the troop. Print and complete Page 4 and 5, (a copy can be made for the unit's records).


Troop Meeting Plan:

A template to help plan upcoming meetings. Use this and follow through with the plan and you won't be bored at your next meeting!

Other Forms:

This is the Scouting Forms section of the National Council's website. Contains everything one might need, from tour plans to medical forms.